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Stop the presses, my accent is spilling - Never trust an expat. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Never trust an expat.

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Stop the presses, my accent is spilling [Jan. 8th, 2006|08:53 am]
Never trust an expat.


"Oh, her accent comes out when she's angry. Or unaware of it."

---My mom of my Novo Ecijano accent (ala eh!) to my Bicolana Aunt who was wondering why I dont have an accent.

Sometimes it takes ten people to point out a flaw. That's just the kind of person I am, I'm terribly stubborn and I have selective hearing. I block things out. If that doesn't work, I obsess about one thing I don't like about myself until it goes away. Well, approximately ten people have pointed out that I have an accent. Yes, my dreaded Pinoy accent comes out when I speak. Whenever I say "the", it sounds like "dha". Eeek!

What call center will hire me now?

In this day and age when culture is ammunition, a thing like that shouldn't bother me. YOU GOTTA RESPECT MAH ROOTZ, YO, I *AM* FROM THE MOTHALAND. Translation: English is not my native language. But for some reason, it does. Maybe because I've seen My Fair Lady and the rain in spain stays mainly on the plaaaain. If not for my being an English Major, it's because I've been told that I barely, or don't, have an accent when I speak American English. Or TV English, as I call it, as I've acquired the non-accent upon watching way too much American television.

Yeah sure. You can tell me I should be proud of my accent and all that jazz. But sorry, from now on I'll be self conscious of my "th's" and "d's" and might have to take speech lessons. No bleeding aktibista can convince me otherwise. Then again being the lazy fuck that I am, I'll just fall right into it and blame it on the motherland. Da rain in spain stays mainly on da plain. There. I'm happier.

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