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Never trust an expat.

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Carl Lost Manila [May. 28th, 2005|09:20 pm]
Never trust an expat.


I think the challenge as a new Manileño is how to keep your cool in everyday situations. After being away for 4 years, lots have changed and a lot has remained the same. On the way to Burger King, a mere 10 small Manila blocks from the house, I think I blew my cool several times.

While riding the jeepney to buy my lunch, the driver suddenly got out of the jeep while it was in the middle of the road and took a piss behind one of the telephone poles. While ordering at BK, the stupid team leader and manager put the cashier who was serving me on the line. They asked her what value meal number 5 was. Instead of punching in my order, she got flustered and got a lecture from the two señoritas. On the way home, some guy from KFC was splashing water on the pavement. I almost got wet. further along, I passed by where the jeepney driver pissed and it looks like that people constantly piss on that spot. utter disgust. Down the road, I later saw two motorcycles driving on the sidewalk towards me, since it was the sidewalk, I naturally had the right of way, but those two bastards drove as if they were the kings of the sidewalk. When I got home to eat my burger, it turned out to be goddamn small. grrr.

It's not even noon and my day's already full of small hitches I can do without. I firmly believe that these small stupid things would cause my early death. I have to find a better stress ball.

and talking about Señoritas, there exists this Señorito complex among the people of southeast asian countries. People in this part of the world love to be above someone else and be called Sir or Señorito. This is something I hope I lost while I was away and I still find it weird when someone calls me Sir eventhough they're older than me.

Being away from Manila changes you and being back in Manila will certainly change you again.

[User Picture]From: haplessromantic
2005-05-28 02:50 pm (UTC)

my two cents

manila is a lot like having a love-hate relationship; you see these things and you sometimes want to just turn your back and walk away, and yet you refuse to. you have this nagging feeling that somehow you can't afford to give up on it. not yet anyway.
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